Sunday, 31 October 2010

Last months course was a great weekend and i had another fabulously diverse group of students. The two first timers were both from Toronto, although Lisa lives here and Erin was visiting. Erin sent me a lovely email after the course with the flattering comments below.
I'd like to take all the credit but i must say Erin had a natural feel for millinery and making in general. Each of the students that weekend, some of whom were returning to develop their hatting, had different strengths and succeeded in making some beautiful hats - cloches and a sharp little pillbox! Thanks to them i had a great weekend too.

Thanks again for the most wonderful course-- I still can't quite believe how MUCH you managed to teach us in just two short days! Miraculous! Or a testament to your skills as both milliner and tutor, more likely. - Erin 4.10.10