Friday, 14 November 2008

Millinery Classes

Since the middle of the year i have been holding monthly weekend courses in hat making. With a maximum of six students in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere the courses have focused on blocking shapes in felt and straw. Once you have a base you can trim it in any way you desire using feathers, fabric, ribbons and other more unconventional materials.

I have plenty of experience with the unusual, having made hats for couture shows in Paris and London as well as editorial pieces for Dazed and ID Magazines. From hats made of resin set hair to plastic bubbles shimmering with crystals. However if a more wearable hat is what you want then bring on the bows and flowers.

On the course you will learn how to make hat of your own design as well as pick up all sorts of tips for maintaining and updating any old hats you have. If you live in London or are interested in my hats and classes then feel free to email me and ask any questions you have.

Red Laise

Red Laise
This twin enclosure hat is covered in a fabric called laise, made by weaving fine pieces of straw in and out of a cotton base. It is not commonly used today and in fact this is a vintage piece from the 1940's. The inside is lined with a floral silk brocade.

White Cotton Sun Hat

White Cotton Sun Hat
This soft white cotton sun hat is based on an early 20th century French beach hat. It fits snugly on the head and gives an amazing amount of protection from the sun. The image i based it on was of a child on the beach in the south of France. I imagine the sun was as strong there as it is today in other less ozone protected parts of the world.

Cats Tail Peak

The Cats Tail
This perch hat is made of russet red faux fur with a peak of knitted cellophane. The cheeky curling tail is luxuriously silky soft in contrast to the impossibly sparkly peak.

Shell Form
Side and back views.
Shell Form
This hat draws on influences from nature, the medieval era and the 1940's. A seemingly unusal meeting of ideas and yet one that i think works in this stylish and contemporary hat.
The base is a sleek swirling flat pile faux fur with a vintage 1940's veiling.